The Lake Sylvia Legacy Project

In 2008, state parks and local citizens developed a plan to make the park relevant into the next century. They soon realized that Lake Sylvia was primarily used during our summer months. To increase its use during the off seasons, the park needed some facility that would offer a gathering place with some shelter. This would allow schools, civic groups, reunions, meetings and weddings to take place without concern for the weather. Architect Will Foster has donated his professional skills over the last five years and designed a pavilion with supporting facilities that will truly make Lake Sylvia a prime destination throughout the year. This pavilion is designed to reflect the natural setting of the lake and forest with large log uprights, wooden beams, native wood paneled walls, reflective lighting from the peaks, and a surrounding landscaped area. The pavilion will provide a meeting place for up to eighty people. During warmer months it will be open-sided but during the winter movable wall panels will pull out of pockets and create an enclosed area. Central to the building is a tall fireplace that will provide warm fires during evenings and on cold days. A kitchen area at the back of the will provide a food preparation area for functions.

Funding:  Initially FOSLS wanted to fund the entire project as a gift to Washington State. However, we soon realized that would be beyond our abilities. In 2014 we started a capital fund campaign after registering with Washington as a charitable organization.  We set a goal of $250,000. We have raised over $230,000 in cash and services from the local Grays Harbor community.  We have given $200,000 of those funds to the state parks agency. Our local legislators have helped us by requesting a grant from the Legislature through the Department of Commerce. This has added over $650,000 for the project. We have completed required shoreline permits and all architectural and engineering work. We anticipate bids being completed in April and construction starting in the spring with completion by fall of 2019. We still need community support to provide finishing touches to the pavilion. It has also been designed to maximize use by school children and folks with limited mobility. An ADA restroom will be constructed near the pavilion.

This Legacy Pavilion is possible because of widespread  community gifts and support from our local and state officials. Special thanks go to Representatives Jim Walsh and Brian Blake and Senator Dean Takko for securing state matching funds. 

Check out the facebook page for more progress pictures!